How brands can make the most of FOMO this summer

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There are so many music festivals going on between now and autumn that it’s easy for people to get FOMO (fear of missing out) every time someone talks about how they’ve got tickets for THAT weekend in the fields in Somerset coming up this month.

For brands, this collective FOMO marks a golden opportunity. Getting a major activation at a well-known music festival is the Holy Grail in terms of summertime branding, especially when you’re trying to reach millennials. But if your brand’s not doing an activation at a summer music festival, now’s the time to ask, “what can we do instead?”

Everyone loves being outdoors the minute the sun comes out. And brands can turn the warmer summer weather into a marketing opportunity by creating an exciting outdoor experience people can enjoy for free, without having to jockey for an expensive, limited-run ticket.

At Drive, we partnered with Aesop, the brand storytelling agency, to create a unique live event for Birra Moretti – Italy Live. Italy Live wanted to invite Londoners to dine with Italians. We produced and designed Italy Live in both London and Tuscany, making sure both locations encapsulated Moretti’s authentic Italian approach to life, with great food, great company and great (free!) beer. Two expert chefs prepared food live in San Gimignano Piazza, Tuscany, and this was streamed live via a dedicated satellite link-up to Soho’s Golden Square allowing the diners to sit down at the Moretti table together. We had the weather on our side that day and everyone had a great time.

And, more recently, we were lucky enough to be involved in a travelling, pop-up, outdoor initiative marking the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s death, by bringing to life a touring interactive digital library in partnership with Vodafone and the British Library.

If your brand is planning an outdoor activation, the main thing to consider is the outcome. That’s why, at Drive, the first thing we ask our clients is “what’s the ambition and what do you want out of it?” It’s one thing for a brand to want to sell more of a product, but it’s all about working out how the experience fits into this strategy: Whether it’s something to be shared on social media instantly to help build a community, or something you want to live on as a brand legacy, like a film. Ultimately, we always work with our clients to achieve that magical blend of ambition, budget and results.

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