Bastille HP Connected Music

Drive Productions designed and built a crowd-controlled 3D Bastille logo that pulsed, twisted and jumped along with the fans, bringing together a group of creative technologists and artists to create a live interactive audio-visual experience for the fifth UK HP Connected Music gig.

During Bastille’s set their logo appeared on two enormous LED screens at either side of the stage, made up of a series of 3D graphic tubes. These graphic tubes could be seen feeding the logo with bright light in varying colours which changed depending on the movement of the audience.

The floor of the venue was fitted with specially designed mats containing sensors that collected data generated by the movements and enthusiasm of the audience members. These mats fed the information into a main HP computer that created the stunning visuals around the Bastille logo, giving the impression that the logo was alive and developing thanks to audience participation.

See Joseph Winter, Producer at Drive explaining how he used the HP Pavilion x360 to #BendTheRules and create this amazing live experience