Circle of Light Festival

The Circle of Light Festival is one of the largest public festivals in Russia, it brings millions of people to central Moscow  to experience hundreds of light installations and shows over five consecutive nights.

Drive was commissioned to create content for the opening show based on one of the chief themes of the festival – ‘The Breath of Life’.

Drive employed a pioneering projection mapping technique, known as ‘painting with light’,  to bring the fairy-tale journey to life. The motion graphics team at Drive created a virtual Madame Gaia, the Earth Goddess, who guides the audience through the piece and engages them from the start, through to the final crescendo when the landscape is reclaimed and a new chapter of life is born.

Drive also commissioned dance music legend Paul Hartnoll of Orbital to create a bespoke soundtrack to the projection mapping show, encapsulating the myriad of emotions expressed by Madame Gaia through symphonic opera, beats and synthesiser.



The inaugural show was expected to gather over three million people, ten times more than last year’s festival.

Hundreds of films were uploaded onto YouTube within hours of the opening show, thousands of viewers have watched the videos all around the world, creating a global buzz beyond the event itself.