Clarion Hotel Post Opening

Drive created a spectacular launch event for the Clarion Hotel Post in Gothenburg, Sweden. Widely regarded as Scandinavia’s most exciting new hotel,  is one of the widest that the Drive mapping team had worked with.

The hotel, sited in the former post office building, inspired Drive to create a launch event that paid homage to the amazing stories and public records that the public building was home to.

Postal workers were seen walking through the halls, overlaid with footage of historical stamps, letters and former post office workers, all brought to life on the façade of the building. The launch content was designed to celebrate the architecture whilst also showing the passage of time and the evolution from the building’s former use to its re-emergence as a state-of-the-art luxury hotel.

Guests from across Europe described Drive’s mapping show as one of the most incredible visual spectaculars they had ever seen and it was enthusiastically greeted as a fitting launch for the new face of Gothenburg.


12,000 watched the live launch show