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1. Brief

Mediacom briefed Drive to design and build a pop-up stand for Westfield Stratford that would showcase the style and technical capabilities of the new Dell XPS13 and XPS15 laptops. The stand also needed to drive customers into nearby retail outlets to purchase the laptop in the run up to Christmas.

2. Experience

Using our knowledge of innovative technology, skill in experiential design, and our in-house CGI special visual effects, Drive designed and built a huge, functioning 10x actual size keyboard and screen housed within a pop-up structure. Christmas shoppers were able to step onto the giant keyboard and trigger an array of stunning visual content on the screen in front of them. There was also a photobooth integrated into the pop-up stand for people to take selfie’s and share, data capture and competitions to win the new Dell laptop.

3. Outcome

It was the first time a 4K projection screen has been used to accurately represent the resolution and quality of the new laptop screen, and proved a fun, engaging and interactive experience for the Christmas shoppers of Westfield for four weeks.

Project Details

Client: Mediacom

Date: December 28, 2015

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