Jumbo Job for BA

Drive once again delivered an exceptional brand experience for client British Airways following on from the success of their Paralympic projection during the 2012 Olympic Games.

Drive was appointed to manage and oversee the creation of an image of the iconic jumbo jet to mark the 42nd year since the first British Airways jumbo jet took to the skies. 50 BA employees used unusual tools and materials weighing 6,120kg from the aircraft to showcase the magnitude of each and every journey.

Items which would normally be consumed, worn, sat on and used were the materials this art was made from, including 700 small cans of fizzy drinks, 164 bags of nuts, 34 metal teapots and 2,000 ice cubes.

“Working with Drive was a pleasure, as always. Drive have an incredible energy and can-do approach, they bring real technical know-how and creative inspiration to every project we’ve worked with them on. They did a brilliant job in making our vision a reality, they understand the brand, we are all extremely happy with the result.”

Kathryn Williamson, Head of Consumer PR, British Airways