Mission Ferrari

Mission Ferrari plunges the audience into the exhilarating world of Secret Agent Cavallino.

The setting for the action-packed storyline is an 18m tall x 8m wide vertical wall weighing over 18 tonnes. Positioned on the face of the wall is a rotating plate, which carries an exact replica of a Ferrari 430. The rotation system was specifically designed by a team of engineers to rotate the car 180 degrees in 20 seconds, sychronising it perfectly with the projected content.

Using a vertical wall and split screen techniques, the audience can keep up with Agent Cavallino and the intruders. 

“On behalf of the Ferrari World Abu Dhabi team, we’d like to especially express our gratitude and appreciation for the Drive team and the exceptional results derived from your dedication, imagination, talents, perseverance and attention to detail.  You proved a loyal partner throughout the process and your team applied their talent in ways that were beyond expectation.  Realizing how subjective entertainment is, I am confident in saying that both Mission Ferrari and Viva Ferrari represent the optimal confluence between brand representation, innovation, and common denominator entertainment for the widest audience possible.  The shows are great!”

Jesse Vargas, General Manager, Ferrari World Abu Dhabi