Nokia Lumia Live ft. Deadmau5

To mark the launch of the Nokia Lumia 800 Drive and Mission transformed Millbank Tower, London using 4D projection mapping techniques, for the first time in history.

The one-off event saw Drive turn the iconic building into a series of startling animated sequences accompanied by a free, live and exclusive performance by musician and producer Deadmau5.

Drive developed the creative design, build and production of this stunning digital multi-platform experience. delivered a powerful brand and business impact.



The project delivered a powerful brand and product awareness and business impact.

34,370 people discussed the Nokia brand in the month immediately after this launch, an 67% increase than before.

145,000 logged in to watch the event live from Nokia’s Facebook page.

In under 2 weeks Nokia’s Facebook fan-base rose by 13%.

The official YouTube film has had almost 4 million hits, with over 1 million occurring within 4 days of the event.


The Drive team are incredibly artful with the technology. They understood the vision straight away and worked tirelessly to deliver it.

John Nichols, Marketing Director UK & Ireland, Nokia

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