Ralph Lauren 4D

Probably the most famous piece of projection mapping ever. Widely considered to have changed the face of advertising.

In 2010 Ralph Lauren and Drive Productions created ‘The World’s First 4-Dimensional Experience’.

The iconic flagship stores at New Bond Street, London and Madison Avenue, New York were brought to life by cutting-edge architectural light-mapping technology. 3D motion graphics, live action pre-recorded footage of models, polo ponies and luxury products were weaved into 3D projected environment, supported by a bespoke soundtrack by Paul Hartnoll of Orbital. The fourth dimension? Scent generators filled the streets with the latest Polo Ralph Lauren fragrances.



1.7 million online plays

Viral in 187 countries

45,000 online store visits

300% uplift in click-throughs

Global media reach of over 700,000,000 OTS


“It blows my mind - it changes the way we look at architecture, it will change retail, movies, advertising, everything.”

David Lauren, Executive Vice President of Advertising, Marketing, and Corporate Communications of Ralph Lauren Corporation

Behind the scenes


Ralph Lauren 4D Impact