iEX London

Drive and SapientNitro partner to produce Immersive “Storyscaping” Event Experience at the London Film Museum

Drive Productions partnered with SapientNitro to create a unique and immersive event experience for the company’s annual Idea Exchange (iEX), held in May 2013 in London.

Targeting senior level business and marketing leaders from around the globe, SapientNitro’s third annual iEX centred on the theme of StoryscapingSM. The event brought together visionary and celebrated storytellers of our time, including renowned luminaries from the worlds of film, fashion, economics and haute cuisine.

The London Film Museum served as the setting for Drive’s latest immersive, multi-sensory experience. Combining a bespoke soundscape designed in Drive’s audio studio, animation and ambient lighting, Drive created a compelling environment that celebrated today’s most iconic storytellers while underscoring the latest transformations in storytelling.

The audience, comprised of leaders from over 200 premier global brands, was greeted by iconic theatrical props hosted at the London Film Museum, including Hans Solo and the infamous Harry Potter Dementor, as well as visual imagery reflecting the history of storytelling through the ages.

On the main stage of the event, a digital campfire and 5m x 4m screen took centre stage, interacting with the speakers and content to create an even richer audience experience.