Viva Ferrari

Viva Ferrari takes place in Ferrari World Abu Dhabi’s existing cinema space, ‘Cinema Maranello’, where high-end technology is integrated with 4D projection mapping, live performance and musical composition, to create a beautiful, sophisticated show unlike any Ferrari has done before.

A custom-built 18m wide stage was installed in front of the cinema screen, on which two dancers perform choreographed theatre incorporating martial arts, ballet, mime, street dance and capoeira.

Viva Ferrari brings together the spirit of the Ferrari brand. The characteristics of elegance; speed; power; precision; agility and balance, are expressed through the medium of dance, CGI and a bespoke soundtrack, as a metaphor of the brand. 

Drive has combined the threads of cinema, 4d projection mapping and live choreography to emphasize the performance. Each scene magnifies the complexity of the dance and enhances the beauty of each movement.