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We bring pioneering technologies to brand experiences

We bring to life bold, fearless, brilliant ideas and have the skills and experience to deliver them

We solve problems, trailblaze and never sit still

We deliver brand experiences that people enjoy, talk about, share and remember

Meet The Team


Ben Fender

Gavin Hay
Managing Director

Christian Sumner
Business Development Director
Imogen Hammond

Imogen Hammond
Creative Director

Jim Hudson
Production Director

Laurence Windle
Financial Director

Kate Langley
Client Services Manager

Selin Kemal
Executive Producer

Grant Dudson
Senior Creative

Selvin Cooper
Technical Producer

Elise Parkes
Office Manager

Sean Covell
CG Artist

Ben Mizrany
Junior Editor

Elliot Poulson
Junior Sales

Steve Abbott
To Edit_fran

Francesca Prestinenzi
Production Assistant

What People Say ?

“I have worked with many parties before, however the standard and synergy of the Drive team has been beyond excellent. We received commitment, creativity and prompt delivery. Despite working from overseas, the drive team managed the distance with excellence. Above all, and what impressed me the most is that they showed enormous amount of passion and shared our vision for the Israr project. I look forward to working with Drive again, they were more than suppliers, they were partners”

Dr. Faisal Asaad, Director of Projects, tam Development LLC

Why Choose Us ?

“On behalf of the Ferrari World Abu Dhabi team, we’d like to especially express our gratitude and appreciation for the Drive team and the exceptional results derived from your dedication, imagination, talents, perseverance and attention to detail.  You proved a loyal partner throughout the process and your team applied their talent in ways that were beyond expectation.  Realizing how subjective entertainment is, I am confident in saying that both Mission Ferrari and Viva Ferrari represent the optimal confluence between brand representation, innovation, and common denominator entertainment for the widest audience possible.  The shows are great!”

Jesse Vargas, General Manager, Executive Office, Ferrari World Abu Dhabi

What People Say ?

“After eight years of working together on Emeralds & Ivy, Drive’s attention to detail, creativity, and positive attitude never fails to amaze. What’s particularly unique is their theatrical and dramatic interpretation of our annual theme and that they always go above and beyond to meet our needs. The event always feels fresh and exciting, impressing our VIP guests and the whole team at CRUK, and ensuring that we continue to raise both funds and awareness on this exceptional night.”

Lucinda Farmer, Head of Foundations at Cancer Research UK