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B2B brands are often reluctant to explore the emotive side of content when it comes to marketing because they see it as B2C territory. But they should think twice.

Emotional content resonates whether you’re operating in the business community, or communicating with consumers. We all have feelings!

Historically in business marketing, the consensus was that ‘product is the hero’. But in terms of B2B brand experiences, it’s increasingly obvious that stories have a power over people that dry facts and corporate figures just can’t.

Even the simplest story triggers curiosity in people and we all find identity and meaning through well-told dialogues. And this applies to a brand storytelling too.

Tapping into people power
One of the important things to remember in B2B brand storytelling is that your customers are all individuals within a larger organisation. In every transaction, it’s people who make decisions, not companies. And what’s one thing that can drive people to make those decisions? A good, solid story.

For the past two years we’ve been lucky enough to be work with DigitasLBi to produce their annual NewFront event, a collaborative thought-leadership conference, aimed at stimulating creativity within the branded content marketplace.

Each year they continue to to inspire their audience of leading artists, creative thinkers, media owners and innovators through “pioneering, brave and experimental new approaches to content creation”, and we help them achieve that vision.

Following a theme of ‘Transformation’, 2015’s event hosted an impressive line-up of speakers from incredibly diverse professional backgrounds. They were there to talk about how content is changing through the impact of technology. How did they approach it? Through relating stories about their own personal experiences. Speaking to the audience live from NASA via Skype, we heard how Astronaut Reid Wiseman communicated with his family members in real-time from space. And through a slide-show of travel pics, we heard how Jim Cregan, founder of Jimmy’s Iced Coffee drove his fiancé around Oz in a truck before happening upon the ‘craze’ of iced coffee Down Under, prompting him to make it himself here for the UK market.

Yes, these speakers were talking to an audience keen to hear about how advertising and content is changing so they could apply this to their desk-jobs. But more importantly, they were talking to an audience of people that crave compelling, inspiring, stories.

Using multisensory content
Creating this connection with your audience so they don’t just hear your content, butfeel your content, means that year-on-year, DigitasLBi have had to move New Front from their super-cool offices on London’s Brick Lane, to an equally cool warehouse space next door in the Truman Brewery.  And with a 400-person capacity, it’s still hugely over-subscribed, and one of the industry’s calendar must-sees.

Clever use of projection technology, a creative stage design, tasty food from popular street-food traders, and an unusual environment produced well, means the jam-packed event continues to supersede itself every year.

Stories don’t have a ‘beginning – a middle – and an end’ any more. They have ‘a beginning – a middle – and a twist’.

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